Cargo security

Cargo safety is Profway’s main priority! Various guarantees and types of insurance apply to all cargoes entrusted to us. All of our client wishes are included in the contract and are strictly fulfilled.

  • The possibility to monitor warehouse premises, online loading and unloading operations, including thruogh the installation of additional webcams upon the client’s request.
  • Ensuring cargo safety during transportation, including a set of measures aimed at preventing stealing. Profway determines the degree of application of necessary response measures according to the following criteria:
    • dimensions and position of cargo;
    • type of cargo storage and its transportation;
    • value of cargo;
    • criminal situation;
    • geographical location.
  • Responsible storage is another important type of service. The use of modern technical equipment and the work of highly-qualified personnel will make responsible cargo storage a carefree procedure. Storage of cargo is strictly confidential.


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